iPhone Screen Repairs

Dropped your shiny new iPhone? No problem we can help!

Android Screen Repairs

Managed to smash that android phone of yours? We can help!

Mic/Speaker Repairs

Broken Mic or faulty Speakers? We'll have it working like new in no time

Software Repairs

Phone not behaving correctly? Well we can take a look at that too!

iPhone 4/4S

We fix all i4 iPhone Models with offical certified Apple Parts!

iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE

We also fix all i5 models, we can have a part replaced in no time flat!

iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6+ Plus/6s Plus

If you have managed to damage your shiny new iPhone 6 come see us and we will have it working like new again!

Samsung Galaxy Devices

Damaged your Samsung? we can fix it! we even support repairs on the Edge Models


From cracks so big you cant see the screen to faulty home buttons we've got you covered.

Microphone Repairs

What good is a phone if the person your calling cant hear you? have a damaged mic? will fix it right up!

Speaker Repairs

Cant watch YouTube or listen to your favourite songs? we offer speaker repairs for a large range of devices and can have your phone playing audio again in no time.

Software Fixes

iOS not behaving correctly? picked up a virus on your Android Device? Dont worry! we can fix any software problem you can throw at us!

Help Setting up your new Devices

Got a shiny new device but dont know where to start when it comes to setting it up! we have you covered from step by step help on setting the phone up for the first time to all the device accessories you could ever need, we're here to help